Who says staging a home doesn’t work???

liverpool hallway before liverpool 3








Well, friends I’ve staged 6 homes since February, mostly with my good friend and real estate agent extraordinaire Beth.  All but 1 of these homes received accepted offers within less than two weeks… a couple received offers within days and most recently, received an offer 1 day after it was staged.  This particular home was pretty gorgeous to begin with, so I hesitate patting myself on the back for that one, but the others, I’m sure that the stage that I set was a significant part of the quick sale.

Staging a home is NOT just getting rid of clutter and I never completely empty a home, in fact I bring things in.  The idea is to create a feeling, a flow, a positive and happy lifestyle.  This allows people to see how the home works, how it looks at its best.  Happy sellers, and happy buyers.

I’m friendly, approachable, creative and have a great sense of humour. Give me a call, drop me a line, let me help you.

:) Cindy

(in this staging job I had literally 5 pieces of furniture and one of them was an old kid’s desk with skull stickers and stuff all over it — I simply covered it with a beautiful tablecloth and used it as a hall table).


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