livingroom before

Living room before….


Living room AFTER

meMy name is Cindy Habart, C.I.D.  and I am a Certified Interior Decorator and home stager.

My business is just getting started but I have over the past several months helped sell homes by staging them for clients. It’s proven that a well staged (or if the term scares you) or a well put together and presented home, sells faster and for more money. My approach is very non-threatening and I try to use as much of the existing items in the home as possible… just sometimes in a new way. Sometimes homeowners are unable to see their homes from a buyer’s point of view, this is why hiring someone to get your house ready for sale makes sense. Spending a few hundred dollars to get the right price in the right time frame makes good business sense. Happy Selling!



The other side to my business is Interior Decorating.  I have a very collaborative approach to interior decorating — believing that my job is to help you realize your dream of what your home could be with your taste and wants showcased.  My job is to guide you and offer suggestions that maybe you didn’t think of, and put all of these ideas together to create the home or rooms of your dreams.  I’m friendly, approachable, creative and offer my services at reasonable rates.  Give me a call.. I’ll help you create your dream spaces!


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    • Hi Zula… agreed, my website is not fantastic. I just started working on it and your input is really appreciated. I’ll take a look at the other templates for sure.
      Thank you, Cindy

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